Toss off 2018 and hello new and exciting opportunities…

Not so sure if this is going to be a foodie blog today or a reflective one, but at least I have a huge pot of ceracha sauce bubbling away on the stove, so that must at least count for something.  Oh and before I forget…my products make beautiful Christmas gifts and they also go exceptionally well your festive feasts.   But back to the blog.

Today is one of those days where I find myself reflecting over everything that has happened in this year and I think for many of us, this has been a doozy of a year and certainly one that I’m quite happy to see the back of.  For me it has been a year of indescribable and heartbreaking loss.  I’m not going to go into all the gory details just yet, because some of it is still so raw and so personal and I really don’t feel like crying buckets any more.  I’ve done enough of that to last me quite a while thank you very much.  If you had asked me yesterday afternoon to post of meme that depicted 2018 for me, it would have been this one…

But having said that, I have also learnt to see (with a lot of help from my man and friends), the exciting new and incredible gifts I have been given and are receiving every day.  I have been abundantly blessed with some of the most amazing friends any woman could ask for, and I am also one of those incredibly lucky woman who is blessed with a husband who absolutely adores me and does so unconditionally.  How incredible is that!  I thank God for him every day.  And then of course there is the incredible blessing of finally being able to do what I love and what makes me so incredibly happy – and that’s cooking up my sauces and goodies and then getting to experience the overwhelming and positive response from all of you.

Standing in my kitchen with music blaring in the background, my counters covered in piles of chillies, garlic and other delicious produce, I realise just how frikken fabulous this all is.  Of course there are pitfalls along the way, I’m hauling myself out of a few and some of them are huge and painful, but there are also a multitude of glorious moments every day and it’s those moments that I am going to focus on and the happiness that comes from being in them.

Two rather delightful blessings that have come my way in the last few days are really quite special.  Firstly, my products are now available at Nadine’s Tea Garden at the old Nelspruit Airport, just off the Kaapsehoop road and not only can you purchase them there, but you also get to taste them.  Nadine is using them in some of her dishes so you get to taste before you buy.  I delivered the first consignment on Tuesday and boom! sales were made that same day.  Insert happy dance…

And then secondly, the beauty that is Nadine offered me the opportunity to start and develop my own market, so in the new year, look out for The Market @ Runway Zero 4.  I am beyond excited about this one and my mind has at least “leventy7” tabs open.  It’s going to be an upmarket monthly market with quality stalls and the setting is unique and just beautiful…gorgeous lawns with huge shady trees at the end of a runway.  You don’t get any more special than that!!!

Oh and so by the way – do you remember my post a few months back on the whole seasonal veggie thing and starting my own chilli patch…well ta DA!  The resident wild buck have finally stopped eating them (thank goodness for the rain), and my chilli bushes are now thriving.  I can’t wait to make a batch of ceracha sauce using my own chillies from my garden!!!

So yes, times they are a changing at a rapid rate but this 50 year old (yes, that happened last month too) has put on her big girl panties and is striding into the future…with every step in faith.


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  1. Oh my soul, just spent some time reading all your blogs. Funny chick ! Well, I think you’re simply marvellous and brave! Well done my friend!

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